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How To Make A WordPress Web site | Freshmen Tutorial 2022

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=fahm_1q9-WQ

Learn to create a WordPress web site from scratch utilizing the free Elementor Web page Builder and free Blocksy theme. Making a web site has by no means been simpler and on this video, I present you step-by-step tips on how to create an expert WordPress web site. On this tutorial, we are going to work with the model new flexbox container that comes with Elementor. I may also clarify lots about what (and what not) to say in your web site with a purpose to flip guests into shoppers. We’ll get a website title and Webhosting, set up WordPress, configure WordPress, obtain the Blocksy theme and Elementor web page builder, create a unbelievable header, create pages and a menu with submenu, create the homepage and different pages, optimize all of the pages for all gadgets, create a portfolio with portfolio objects / case research, create blogposts and a weblog web page, optimize our web site for. the search outcomes, create a footer and far more. Get A Area And Webhosting (70% low cost): https://webhosting11.com Obtain the Blocksy Theme: https://ferdykorp.com/blocksy Obtain Elementor:

Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 07:37 Get A Area title And Webhosting 10:10 Select A Area Identify WordPress 13:34 Set up WordPress 17:17 The Frontend And Backend Of Your WordPress Web site 19:03 Configure Your WordPress Web site The Blocksy Theme 25:48 Obtain The Blocksy Theme 29:48 Create A Menu With Pages 37:34 Create A Header Utilizing The Blocksy Theme 42:33 World Colours 45:56 Give Your Web site A Website Title Elementor 48:58 Obtain Elementor 51:27 The Fundamentals Of Elementor Create Your Homepage In WordPress And Elementor 01:01:23 Create The Hero 01:04:43 World Fonts In Elementor 01:17:49 The Form Divider 01:18:45 Entrance Animations 01:21:50 Cellular Responsiveness 01:25:24 Modify an Elementor Aspect 01:29:27 Containers In Containers (Flexbox) 01:36:29 Modify Photographs In WordPress 01:41:12 Modify the Width Of Your Web site 01:43:14 Duplicate Containers and Modify The Look and Really feel 01:49:39 Cover On Cellular, Pill, Or Desktop 01:59:59 Create A Kind In Your WordPress Web site Blocksy Header 02:10:43 Modify Colours 02:11:51 Configure Your Blocksy Header 02:15:32 Make Your Header Sticky 02:18:07 Make Your Header Clear 02:22:25 Cellular Header Elementor 02:28:32 Be Extra Environment friendly In Elementor 02:43:28 Save Your Design As A Template 02:46:34 Obtain My Pages For Free 02:47:46 Import Elementor Templates Portfolio / Case Research 02:49:37 Create a Portfolio Weblog 02:50:58 Create Posts And A Weblog Archive The Homepage 02:53:12 Add Case Research and Blogposts To Your Homepage The Footer 03:01:04 Create The Footer Utilizing The Blocksy Theme Observe Up 03:14:39 What’s Subsequent? WooCommerce Tutorial: RankMath Tutorial: ConvertKit Tutorial: Elementor Professional Tutorial: Observe me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/ferdykorpershoek Observe me on Fb: https://fb.com/ferdykorpershoek

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  1. Honestly speaking…. Truth to be told this tutorial blow my mind…. Really grateful for this…. Much love 😍

    1. @Ferdy Korpershoek Hello
      i want all images which have used in this tutorial।
      where to i access this all images

  2. Hello. Does anyone have the links for the Portfolio Case studies and the blog to finish this site. Thanks

  3. *Hi Ferdy I love your videos! Thank you so so much for your amazing tutorial.*

  4. Hey Ferdy, when are the case and blog tutorials coming out? Or could you quickly go over which programs you use? Thank you!!

    1. So he has not created case studies tutorial yet? i checked link in the description for that.

  5. Great tutorial I’ve managed to build my own website so thanks very much, but I can’t find the tutorial on adding a blog post page that you mention in this video

  6. HI ferdy, i’ve learned a lot from u as a beginner, but I’m curious about after creating a website for clients, how do we pass it to them ? Do they need to have a wp account as well? If possible, I would appreciate if u could make a video on this as a freelancer guide👍

  7. Hi ferdy , i install two plugins WPForms and essential elementor but it’s don’t give the same options that in video

  8. Thank you. I always enjoy your beautiful, smooth and rich videos.
    But for 2022, I expect it to be using WP6+ FSE using Gutenberg blocks and without using any additional Add-in.

  9. Great tutorial! But what if I don’t want my website to be live and findable online until I’m finished making it? How to I keep it from being published until I am ready?

  10. Hi Ferdy! Where can I find the link to make a blogpost? It is not in the video or the description…

  11. Thank you Ferdy for all your comprehensive videos!! I appreciate all the effort you are putting into your tutorials for our enjoyment. I started my website under your teachings and I have one question. I want to post short academy definitions on different pages instead of blogging which I have a dedicated page like in your lessons. Do you post those using a text box or many boxes for each definition using Elementor or other plugins?

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