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How To Make a WordPress Site – Action by Action

https://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=VnjeR-bsRM4

The very best method to make a site in the whole world! Have a good time producing your own site in under 2 hours utilizing WordPress, the most popular method the world. The 3 action procedure is enhanced for speed and success: 1. Setup, 2. Choices, 3. Style. We will be dealing with the Astra style (5 star rankings with 4,841 evaluations) and Elementor (5 star rankings with 5 million setups) to develop the very best site worldwide. This video will reveal you that making a site can be enjoyable and simple. Producing a site can alter your life and we will do this all action by action without any action avoided. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Download the example images: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nZOVYuMQxfBV2ubcKVJUS_BdqMqol84T/view?usp=sharing Timestamps: Introduction – 00:00:00 1 – Setup Setup Summary – 00:05:02 Get Domain Call & Hosting – 00:08:42 Set up WordPress – 00:17:28 Login – 00:21:10 2 – Choices Erase Plugins – 00:22:15 Modification Password – 00:24:25 Update WordPress – 00:25:23 Update Permalinks – 00:25:24 Online Search Engine Ready – 00:26:32 Set up Style – 00:27:04 Set up Design template – 00:29:04 Backup Site – 00:36:06 Modification Site Call – 00:38:24 Produce a New Page – 00:40:19 Transparent Menu – 00:43:04 Include Menu Product – 00:43:36 Erase Page – 00:44:33 Include Post – 00:45:07 Set Blog Site To Homepage – 00:48:12 Produce Blog Site Page – 00:49:48 Erase Post – 00:51:34 Live Chat – 00:52:04 Google Analytics – 00:55:35 3 – Style Homepage – 01:00:33 Mobile Friendly – 01:17:42 About Page – 01:21:25 Solutions Page – 01:26:09 Projects Page – 01:29:12 Contact Page – 01:31:20 Contact Type – 01:35:08 Menu Navigation Button – 01:40:47 Produce Logo Design/ Favicon – 01:43:30 Place Logo Design/ Favicon – 01:47:20 Style Post – 01:49:11 Style Blog Site Page – 01:53:14 Footer – 01:54:18 Logout – 01:57:13 Congratulations !! – 01:57:42 Thank you:-RRB-

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  1. 43:23 Transparent Header is now located in a new Astra tab to the right of your gear button, look to the right and there will be an Astra logo, it will open the same settings that our narrator/teacher had.

    1. @VideoEditingPro Astra logo, scroll total down, advanced settings. Down you can find Transparent header — inherit, enabled, disabled…So enable

  2. Dude! Phenomenal step by step process. I have spent hours researching what’s the best host for my website, what’s the best web builder etc. I have completed my own website now and I actually know what I’m doing.

  3. Guys, please watch all the videos to the end! AWESOME CONTENT. every video has something NEW. So don’t skip ANYTHING!

  4. need help!!!! lol my wordpress won’t work on my laptop mac pro. starter templates are glitchy and not loading

  5. I found this site to be really useful in teaching me how to design and build my website. I had used Word-press before but really had no idea that so much more could be done to make my site look so much better [ Once I’ve finished building it of course!] So thank you, Tyler for the information, well done.

  6. Do you have any videos on how to change my domain, but keep my website design?

    1. You can do it easily on your hosting.
      First buy a new domain and assign it from your hosting

  7. I finally get to see who is responsible for all those articles on the internet without a date. You and everyone else behind this deserve a big smack to the back of your big head. And YOU especially for teaching people to do this. FFS man!!!

  8. Great video! was massively useful and helped me with my first ever wordpress build.

    Just wondering what you would recommend for Cookie Consent and Privacy policy set up?

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