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Just how To Make a WordPress Site Locate out exactly how to …

Just how To Make a WordPress Site
Locate out exactly how to establish a website in 27 straightforward activities. The new updated technique to make a website will certainly modify your life, it makes establishing a website satisfying and also rapidly.

You will certainly be making your website on the absolute best system (WordPress) in the entire globe, using the absolute best design (Astra) and also the absolute best aesthetic developer (Elementor) while uncovering exactly how to develop like Apple and also Disney.

Hope you appreciate it as long as I do.


1.) Intro – 00:00:00
2.) What is a Domain Call & Host? – 00:03:37
3.) Obtain Your Domain Call & Host – 00:05:24
4.) Establish WordPress – 00:13:58
5.) Login To WordPress – 00:16:43
6.) Alteration Password – 00:18:03
7.) Eliminate Plugins – 00:18:38
8.) Update WordPress – 00:21:00
9.) Analyze Permalinks – 00:22:03
10.) Adjustment Title and also Tagline – 00:24:29
11.) Establish Astra – 00:27:12
12.) Establish Astra Beginner Sites – 00:28:56
a.) Pick Your Style – 00:30:01
13.) Design – 00:34:28
14.) Eliminate Pages – 00:40:36
15.) Consist of Pages – 00:42:21
16.) Navigating – 00:47:40
17.) Establish a Logo layout – 00:54:14
18.) Favicon – 01:02:41
19.) Changing Your Site – 01:05:37
20.) Design Like Apple – 01:11:12
a: Heading – 01:11:12
b: Background Image – 01:16:20
c: Paragraph – 01:18:17
d: Replicate Area – 01:20:32
e: Text Over Image – 01:21:46
f: Video – 01:27:15
g: Reverse/ Modifications – 01:29:53
h: Video Background – 01:30:20
i: Text Block – 01:32:31
21.) Design Like Disney – 01:35:20
22.) Product Blocks – 01:39:07
23.) Call Page – 01:42:00
24.) Mobile Friendly – 01:49:49
a.) Mobile Menu Repair – 01:55:11
25.) Footer – 1:57:34
26.) SSL – 02:04:18
27.) Congratulations – 02:10:45

Download And Install the Google Sheet:


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Locate out just how to establish a website in 27 straightforward activities. The new updated approach to make a website will certainly change your life, it makes establishing a website satisfying as well as rapidly.

What is a Domain Call & Host? – 00:03:37

31 thoughts on “Just how To Make a WordPress Site Locate out exactly how to …

  1. Hi Tyler
    I just got a notification to update to WordPress 5.8.3 but I am worried about losing my customizations when updating the theme of my WordPress website.
    I customize my WordPress layout using a WordPress page builder Elanor so I’m not sure is those change will be impacted with update.
    do you have any advise on this subject ?

    1. Hey nelson, you shouldn’t rush to update to the new WordPress if you’re worried. You can wait a little while longer, it won’t be a big issue.

      Before you update whenever you will, I recommend you simply make a backup of your website. You can do this with a plugin, personally I use UpdraftPlus. Backup your website first, then update, and if everything works well keep the update. If not, you can simply apply the backup. Hope this helps, good luck!

    2. @Tyler Moore thank you for the advise , I will definitely do that !!!! stay safe and thank you for all your videos🤙

  2. Hey Tyler, brilliant video. Thanks so much for this.

    Just one question, when you edited the footer you hovered over Edit with Elementor and then ‘Site Footer’ appeared. For me, it doesnt appear, just ‘site settings’ and ‘theme builder’. Do you know what i’m doing wrong? Thanks!

    1. Hey Lucien, I think they have made some updates to the way the Footer works since I’ve filmed this video. The new way to edit it should be in your Dashboard, then in Appearance > Customize, then Footer Builder.

      You can watch me use it in the Footer section of my newest video: https://youtu.be/yC6ZfIF-R9k

      Hope this helps, thank you for watching!

    1. Hey Sweetie, I use some motion effects in this video: https://youtu.be/facMcbWB0jI?t=5651 (around the 1:34:11 mark).

      I don’t have a lesson going super in-depth on it, but that’s pretty much all you need. Otherwise you mostly just need to play with the effects and find something you like 🙂

    2. @Tyler Moore amazing! I am going to watch that videoXD Thanks again!!!

      just finished watching all of it, took me 2 days to follow step by step. thank you so much for your time making these videos, they are very helpful:)

    1. @Tyler Moore Could you please also help me to understand how to change the search results page? Thank you!

  3. Can’t believe you have been here for 10 years. Really helping me for my next job.
    I wish Youtube Recommended your channel to me instead of a bunch of Tiktok sh*t.

  4. Hi, Tyler. How can I do a multilanguage website in context of your video instructions? Thanks in advance.

  5. This presentation was cool. Thanks. Hallo Tyler can you add smart slider on this theme and sticky menu/header?

  6. It’s very wonderful to hear and understand this most listenable video I have ever watched in my life for a very magnificent website.

  7. So very thankful can’t explain how happy I am. You are Blessed

  8. when I imported this template, all the text and images on the home page imported in one element box, not all the separate ones seen in this tutorial. It makes adjusting things a lot more difficult. Can you help me understand what I did wrong?

  9. Everyone else has said it, Tyler! The knowledge you are generously sharing is mind-blowing and your presentation is just top-notch! I hope you know what a difference you are making in people’s lives. Some of us are coming to this learning out of necessity brought on by some pretty difficult changes in life circumstances and your clarity and calm is just such a welcome gift!

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